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17 Minutes of the 17th

The sun rising behind McGraw Tower.

The day began just as any other day would begin. My alarm went off; I rolled out of bed, turned off my alarm and looked out the window. Something was different, though; there was a big ball of light in the sky, an unfamiliar sight for Cornell students. My heart raced. I opened the window and though I was greeted by a rush of cool air, it did not have the cold bite that I had grown so accustomed to.

Naturally, I told myself that I was going to enjoy the weather after classes finished for the day. At 2:15 PM, I headed to the Arts Quad and settled in a nice spot against a tree. For the next 17 minutes, I observed my surroundings as many students walked, jogged, or biked past. I observed the following:

1. A student skipping around- shoes in one hand, backpack in the other

2. People talking animatedly into their cell phones

3. Music blaring from the frats at the bottom of the Slope

Students engage in discussion while enjoying time on the Arts Quad.

4. Plaid shorts (and consequently, pale legs)

5. A young child running past with what appeared to be the last snowball on campus

6. A girl with a long green t-shirt and legs painted green

7. A shirtless old guy (I quickly looked away)

8. People enjoying a late lunch

9. A group discussion under a tree

10. Some really warm people in winter jackets and scarves that were clearly refusing to accept the fact that it was 60 degrees

11. Green grass

12. Activities that probably should not be mentioned on this site…no, but seriously…

13. Flying Frisbees

14. Many students rushing by with suitcases

15. A handful of cameras

16. A good number of dogs

17. NO students tanning (I was shocked)

As I packed up my camera and notebook and got up to head back to West Campus, I could not help but think “Spring break has arrived.” Let’s hope we’re greeted by this gorges (yes, gorges) weather when we return!

What a Holi Festival

The Cornell Hindu Students Council (HSC) hosted Holi, one of the most popular events of the semester weekends ago in the courtyard between Myron Taylor and Anabel Taylor Hall. Holi, also knows as the “Festival of Indian Colors” is a traditional festival celebrated in India, Bangladesh and Nepal during the spring. Participants celebrate the auspicious event by smearing rung or colored powders on each other.

The first 400 participants received free Holi t-shirts:

Students Covered in Colored Powder!

Participants show off their "true colors"

The event gathered 800+ people on a beautiful Saturday afternoon as groups of friends ran after one another throwing an assortment of pinks, oranges, blues and greens at each other, while rocking out to thumping Bhangra hits and Bollywood dance numbers. We were handed bags of rung as we entered, and started attacking each other right away! I had the most fun gathering friends together and plotting against other groups of friends, chasing each other around like a bunch of giddy 5-year-olds. The old adage of not being able to “pick on girls” was thrown out the window as groups of guys would lift up an unsuspecting girl and smear color all over her. Jolly good fun I tell you 🙂

Several students on the Cornell Raas and Bhangra teams decided to pay homage to Cornell, Holi-style:

Students Spelling Out Cornell in the Courtyard

Students spelling out Cornell in the courtyard

tgiving-08-2 Post By: Raihan Faroqui ’10