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Last Hall Meeting


Sunday night at 10 p.m. my hall, or more formally 2-Court of Court-Kay-Bauer residence hall, met collectively for the final time to discuss closing information–from what I can recall, I had only been to one other hall meeting because of conflicts.

This meant that the last time I was gathered in that room, with all those people was the first day of orientation. Talk about coming full circle!

As we all sat down in our TV lounge we recalled who had been sitting where over 8 months ago.  Everyone remembered my roommate hitting her head on the TV, and my RA was quick to warn the person sitting underneath to watch himself.

Even though not all 29 hall members were present, we were all a lively bunch. We were too busy talking about what we remembered from that first monumental floor meeting when we were all (secretly) horrified freshman waiting to be told all the rules we would accidentally break (like talking too loudly during quiet hours which our RA is a stickler about).

2-Court residents gather for a birthday celebration fall, 2008.

2-Court residents gather for a birthday celebration fall, 2008.

I sat down and scanned the room to see where everyone was sitting. Our new friendships were evident based on who we were next to at this meeting.

Frustrated, our RA went quiet when we got too noisy, but continued on, explaining important information about cleaning our rooms, damages, and checking out.

Once he was finished, we all scurried out while I stayed back and played “The Price is Right” with my hallmate/friend with our RA serving as host. We joked about prices for damaged pieces of Cornell property, and ultimately, my friend beat me before we all went back to doing work.

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