Meet the Ambassadors


Name Major / Minor About

Abby Dittmar ’20

Biological Science (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Concentration) Hobbies and Interests: I have been camping for longer than I remember, so many of my hobbies center around the outdoors. I love to hike, kayak, and swim. I have spent the last few years teaching myself calligraphy and I like to practice my handwriting to unwind. I try to do the New York Times crossword puzzle every day and I am very competitive (in a friendly way) so I love playing games and getting into random competitions with my friends.
Why Cornell: I chose Cornell because when I visited its campus, I immediately fell in love. Everything from the natural beauty both on campus and in the Ithaca area to the drive and ambition that I saw in its students felt like it was calling to me. I met people that were not only unapologetically interested in their academic fields, but the people around them encouraged and supported them in their pursuit of knowledge. I realized that Cornell could give me something that I had been craving for years, a place to pursue my passions. I knew that Cornell was a place where intelligence was encouraged and welcomed. It was a place where intellectual conversation could flourish and I could finally feel like I truly belonged.

Aidan Weed ’19

Information Science; Business Minor Hobbies and Interests: In my free time, I enjoy playing Jazz Drums and working out. On campus, I am involved in the Cornell Concert Commission, which brings concerts to Cornell and organizes them, and the Cornell Poker Club.
Why Cornell: I chose Cornell for the reputation and the depth of the programs here, but since coming here my favorite part of Cornell has definitely been the people. Everyone here is intelligent and driven, which creates an incredible learning environment both in and outside of the classroom. From intense problem-solving in class discussion groups to speculations on the meaning of life at two in the morning, I always learn something new spending time with my fellow students.

Alexander Chung ’21

Biology and Society
Hobbies and Interests: Some of the things I am involved in around campus include being a part of a research lab, being in both a pre-professional and social fraternity, and swimming on the club team. While these things keep me busy for the most part, in my free time I love going to the gym, listening to music, and watching movies and tv shows.
Why Cornell: Besides its great reputation and academics, I chose Cornell because I wanted to learn with and from a diverse group of bright and motivated students. Here at Cornell, everyone has a passion and a community they belong to. In my time here I have met so many amazing people that I see as role models and joined communities that have made me want to improve myself. Although things can get hard sometimes, I always get through it with the support of my friends and come out a little stronger each time. Since coming here, I have felt myself grow so much as a person and am excited for the coming years to grow more.

Arminé Kalbakian ’20

Anthropology and Archaeology; Business and Global Health Minors Hobbies and Interests: When I’m not surrounded by bones and artifacts in the arcane McGraw Hall, I spend my time attempting to frequent every restaurant in Ithaca, bartending with Cornell Catering, and watching re-runs of Keeping up with the Kardashians with the Armenian Student Organization. I’m also involved with the First-Generation Student Union, OADI’s First-in-Class program, the Cornell Anthropology Exchange, and work as a research assistant at the Johnson College of Business.
Why Cornell: I chose Cornell in an attempt to embrace the uncomfortable. With classes involving meeting old punk bands at Cornell’s Punk Fest to digging up hotels from the 1800s at the nearby Treman State Park, my academic experience thus far has been far from normal, and I have loved every moment of it. I now find comfort in the unique culture at Cornell and in *gorges* Ithaca at large.

Charles Cotton ’19

Government; Spanish Minor Hobbies and Interests: In addition to being an Arts & Sciences Ambassador, I am a staff writer for the Cornell Daily Sun in the Sports Department, a DJ for WVBR — Cornell’s student-run FM rock station, and a member of the Sports Business Society and the Cornell Democrats. I am also a huge fan of Big Red sports, attending nearly every home football, hockey and lacrosse game. I love to play the guitar, hang out with friends and explore Cornell/the greater Ithaca area in my
spare time.
Why Cornell: Cornell combines an extremely diverse and talented student body with a beautiful 2000-acre campus and a seemingly infinite amount of academic and extra-curricular opportunities. The large undergraduate population allows you to find just about any type of person you’re looking for, and before long, you find your niche and you quickly forget about any fears the size of the student body may have caused you. Exploring Ithaca and the whole Finger Lakes Region has also been a truly unique and rewarding experience for someone coming from New York City.

Colton Poore ’20

 Biological Sciences (Systematics and Biotic Diversity Concentration), English; Medieval Studies minor Hobbies and Interests: I love to read and write and am a member of Rainy Day, an undergraduate literary publication, as well as The Quill Guild, a creative writing group on campus. I also love to hike, and so I like to explore all the little trails around Cornell and Ithaca.
Why Cornell: Practically every day of the week there is something interesting going on around campus, whether that be a great movie at the Cornell Cinema, a cool lecture from a visiting professor, or simply an open event featuring free food. Cornell has endless opportunities to have fun and explore your interests outside of classes; I’ve quite literally stumbled upon some really cool things happening around campus just while walking around in between and after my classes.

Dean Kim ’20

Chemistry and Chemical Biology; East Asian Studies Minor Hobbies and Interests: On campus I play the bassoon in the Cornell Wind Symphony, am a member of the Korean American Student Association, and am a brother of Alpha Chi Sigma, the professional chemistry fraternity. I’m also involved in research. In my free time, I like to juggle and take walks around campus (not necessarily at the same time though)!
Why Cornell: I love that there’s so much to explore at Cornell. There’s so many different classes, clubs, and other activities to choose from that I never feel bored here. Sometimes I stop for a moment and take a look around and remind myself just how gorgeous the campus is. Take some time to explore Beebe Lake or the Gorge trails, and definitely stop by the Clock Tower and listen to one of their great Chime Concerts!

Elena Lie-A-Cheong ’21


Government; History Minor Hobbies and Interests: Cornell International Affairs Review, Class Council 2021, Student Assembly Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Hong Kong Student Association
Why Cornell: Attending Cornell was the best decision I’ve made thus far. I chose Cornell because it embodied my ideal learning environment. Every Cornellian shares a high-level of intellectual curiosity and are encouraged by the collaborative culture to strive towards our maximum potential. Not only have I explored my interests at Cornell, but I have also discovered new opportunities that I would not have found if not for the wide array of resources, classes, and student organizations. Cornell is a place where everyone around you supports you and wants what’s best for you!

Emma Bryan ’19 

Economics, French Hobbies and Interests: Diving (springboard, but I’m also SCUBA certified), running, sampling Cornell Dairy ice cream, exploring the Plantations, going to the Farmer’s Market when it’s not winter, dancing while I walk to class, and singing really loudly at somewhat inappropriate times.
Why Cornell: Though I haven’t been here for that long, I can already feel myself transforming, and I can guarantee that it has something to do with this place. Cornell is amazing–you’re definitely going to encounter difficulties and work harder here than you have ever had to before, but it is well worth it. The professors are top notch, the students are inspired to learn for the sake of learning, and the campus, in my opinion, is one of the most beautiful college campuses in the universe (yes, dramatic, but at how many other schools will you walk over gorges thrice daily minimum?). I cannot single out my best experience here simply because there have been so many moments that have reminded me how much I love this place and how special it truly is to be here; however if I must pick, it would be any time I’m walking around campus at night.   The sky is so expansive, the lights on campus (I’m super into the lights at the Johnson Museum) as well as the Ithacan skyline below (it exists, I promise) are spectacular, and though I feel mildly overwhelmed by how massive everything seems and how it seems that time is flying by without any sign of stopping, I’m quickly reminded how fortunate I am to be at a place like Cornell.

Eric Shen ’20

Physics (Biochemistry concentration), Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Music Hobbies and Interests: I am always on the hunt for good food, photo ops, and flowers (which Ithaca has plenty of)! I love all kinds of music and am a violinist in the Cornell Orchestras and Eastern Music Ensemble. For the Chamber Orchestra, we play a wide variety of concerts and will each be mentoring a student from the Cayuga Heights Elementary School! I am also a part of the Society of Physics Students, which hosts Pizza Talks with researchers, and the Taiwanese American Students Association that holds events like Night Market, Little Formosa, and our culture show eCsTASy! In my spare time, I like to learn other languages by gaming, listening to music, and watching television.
Why Cornell: I think of Cornell as a spice rack. There’s every type of person, activity, and idea to explore by itself or combine together and create a harmony of flavors that resonates specifically with you. Everyone and everything is welcoming and encourages you to try new things or even try something old in a new way. All the people that I meet are interesting and give me another glimpse of the world that makes me want to see and experience even more of what the world has
to offer. But above all else, I am in love with the climate! Cornell is in such a location that the warmth of the summer and cool fall are the perfect opportunity to be outside and see the vibrant colors of Ithaca. Meanwhile, winter is a wonderland that makes me want to prance through the snow and explore a frozen campus.

Eugene Kim ’21

Biological Sciences
Hobbies and Interests: Satisfying my inner science nerd slash lab rat, I am involved in Debate in Science and Health as well as The Research Paper, an undergraduate research magazine. Whenever I need a study break, I love taking walks, especially enjoying beautiful nature-niches scattered around campus with a phone camera in hand. I also enjoy writing short stories that sometimes end up being not-short stories. On a lazy evening, you can find me in my dorm room or basement, probably singing along off-key to alt rock and/or gathered around a board game with my friends.
Why Cornell: Cornell truly is filled to the brim with interesting people and experiences. Instead of worrying whether I’d find a place I belong, I actually ended up finding several in my first semester – and still continue to meet fascinating people with diverse passions and stories. There’s a niche for everyone and everything, big or small. The environment is just so stimulating, socially and culturally as well as academically and intellectually.

Graham Cohen ’20

College Scholar: Computer Science, Linguistics, Spanish Hobbies and Interests: Pi Sigma Epsilon, Pilot Programs Committee Chair and E-board Member (Cornell Undergraduate Research Board), Undergraduate Research Assistant (DSC Lab), Men’s Ultimate Frisbee, Orientation Leader

Hassaan Bin Sabir ’21

Government, History Hobbies and Interests: Cornell Political Union, Pi Lambda Sigma Fellow, Cornell International Affairs Society, Cornell Cricket Club, Foreign Policy Analyst (Cornell Roosevelt Institute)

Ishi Aron ’19

Biological Sciences (Concentration in Neurobiology & Behavior), Minor in Business for the Life Sciences Hobbies and Interests: Orientation Steering Committee, Research Assistant, BSP Study Group Leader, Intramural Soccer
Why Cornell: My favorite part about Cornell is being able to pursue my interests in an environment that is so intellectually stimulating and supportive. Since day one, everybody I’ve met has made me feel welcomed including peers, faculty, housing and dining staff, etc., and this support has been instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. Here, I’ve learned to understand concepts rather than memorize, think critically, and ask difficult questions. The Cornell community is full of passion inside and outside the classroom and there is always a vibe of excitement and energy on campus. I am so glad to have the opportunity to go to school here.

Islam Elsaid ’20

Chemistry Hobbies and Interests: I love meeting new people and mentoring my peers, so in addition to being an Arts & Sciences Ambassador, on campus I am the VP of Academic Events for the Cornell Association of Medicine and Philanthropy, involved in the Muslim Educational and Cultural Association, an Orientation Leader and Arts & Sciences Peer Advisor. If I am not in class, spending time with my peers, or at work in my research lab in the Chemistry Department, you can find me playing basketball, listening to music (especially pop, hip-hop, and rap), and making people laugh!
Why Cornell: Cornell is an amalgamation of the some of the best and brightest young minds from all over the world. With this incredible mixture inevitably comes a great amount of diversity on campus, not only in regards to race, ethnicity, and religion, but especially with respect to diversity in thought, perspective, and opinion. Being exposed to new ideas, viewpoints, and attitudes each and every day has allowed me to grow both inside and outside the classroom. Cornell’s continual
emphasis on personal exploration and discovery is something very few institutions in the world can rival.

Itai Levin ’19

Chemistry Hobbies and Interests: I am involved with research in the molecular biology department and I am part of the iGEM genetic engineering project team. I like running, rock climbing and biking, and I teach the backcountry cooking PE class for Cornell Outdoor Education.
Why Cornell: You will have a hard time finding something that you want to do or learn that you cannot do or learn through one of the courses or clubs at Cornell. The incredible amount of opportunities to explore here is mind-blowing but navigable with the help of friends, mentors, and advisors, and creates a very exciting environment to learn and to grow.

Jack Liufu ’21

Chemistry, Classics Hobbies and Interests: I love singing, whether that be with the Cornell University Glee Club or alone in my room, I rediscovered my love for dance through Hanchum: Traditional Korean Dance. My free time is spent watching movies or TV shows, or taking walks through nature. And of course, getting bubble tea with friends is something I never turn down.

Why Cornell: I grew up in a small town, and as much I do love cities, I love the feeling of being somewhere small, somewhere homely. The nature (and views!) here are simply stunning, and the community is so close-knit. As for Cornell itself, it’s bigger than other Ivies, and that really lets every single person find where they belong. Everybody finds their niche, their group, and everybody succeeds together. Everyone here is also so driven and motivated, never settling, always striving for increasing greatness, and that is something I knew I wanted to be a part of and carry forth myself.

Jacob Rubashkin

Government, History Hobbies/Interests: Most of my free time these days is spent at the offices of The Cornell Daily Sun, the campus paper where I serve as editor in chief. I’m also a member of Kappa Alpha Pi, Cornell’s only selective pre-law fraternity. Other than that, you can find me watching Netflix, cheering on my lovably terrible New York Giants, playing tennis, or doing the New York Times crossword puzzle with my sisters via text.
Why Cornell: Of all the schools I was considering, Cornell represented the greatest adventure. I grew up in the suburbs, and Cornell is decidedly rural. My high school program was small enough that I knew everyone’s name and schedule. Cornell is big — both in area and in enrollment. I wanted my transition from high school to college to be meaningful, significant, and Cornell gave me that opportunity. It didn’t hurt that the academics here are amazing, the course offerings are more varied than anywhere else in the country, and the faculty are all rockstars. Plus I get to walk across a waterfall every day to go to class, and nothing can beat that.

Jady Wei

Economics, Government; Law and Society Minor Hobbies and Interests: I love anything that has to do with music, the outdoors, nature and global cuisines. In my free time, I like to swim, run, play piano, and learn new surfing tricks from time to time.
Why Cornell: My favorite aspect about Cornell is the abundance of resources and opportunities for all students, regardless of your interests or background. From the breadth of student organizations, to the diverse array of courses, to the different ways to get more involved on campus, you can always find a niche for yourself and build your own narrative at Cornell. In addition, Cornell’s natural beauty will give you so many opportunities to explore outdoors and have fun. Take
some time in between classes to walk past the waterfalls, stroll around Beebe Lake, or just sit on the grassy slope and enjoy a dazzling view of the Ithaca skyline!

Jeremy Borden ’20

Physics (Astronomy Concentration) Hobbies and Interests: I’m a bit of an astronomy nerd, so stargazing has always been one of my favorite activities. I love running, especially around the beautiful trails on and near campus. I enjoy visiting the Johnson Museum and the Cornell Cinema, and I’m also an embarrassingly avid fan of terrible shark movies (think Sharknado).
Why Cornell: Cornell combines so many wonderful attributes: a beautiful campus, a vibrant and diverse student body, incredible professors, great food, and so much more. I’ve met so many amazing people here, and I truly believe I have found a home within the Cornell community. I’ve been able to immerse myself in the subjects I already knew I loved, but I’ve also been able to find new passions to explore. Even though walking up the slope is still a challenge, I love this place and
I’m so grateful to be a member of this community.

Julian Kroll ’20

Government, English Hobbies and Interests: Though I’ve only spent one full semester at Cornell, I’ve become involved in the CU orchestra as a cellist, took a painting class to count towards an intended fine arts minor, joined several clubs as an activist for environmental and human rights causes, and joined a social fraternity. Looking forward, I plan on becoming more involved in long distance running and political/literary clubs.
Why Cornell: As an institution that is simultaneously elite and extremely egalitarian, I felt that Cornell was a perfect fit for me. Coming from a predominantly midwestern, working class family, I knew that I wanted to study at a place that accepted students from all walks of life and integrated global perspective into all courses of study. Ultimately, I wanted to gain a better understanding of the world around me in the company of people from across the world; I haven’t been

Katie Fehrenbaker ’21

American Studies; Psychology Minor Hobbies and Interests: Outside of Ambassadors, I am the Editor-in-Chief of Slope Media Group, a mentor for YOURS, a Cayuga’s Watcher, and a member of a social sorority, Delta Gamma.

Why Cornell: I chose Cornell because I believe this school offers everything one could hope to find in an institution of higher education. This school offers more courses than I ever could have imagined having access to, a huge variety of extracurricular opportunities, and a faculty driven to help better the academic careers of the future leaders of the world. I love being surrounded by such a diverse student body, with a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives.  To top it all of, Ithaca is the quintessential college town, offering everything a student may need in a remote part of New York State. I believe that Cornell has encouraged me to push boundaries and become the best version of myself.

Kimberly Koh ’20

Comparative Literature;Computer Science Minor Hobbies and Interests: If and when I have a free moment, I enjoy singing off-key while playing the ukulele, reading, and practicing yoga. I love eating ravioli in my friend’s basement in my hometown while chatting about college and eating poke bowl in collegetown while chatting with friends about home. On campus, I write for the Cornell Book Review, am on staff for Rainy Day Literary Magazine, and live with a bunch of freshmen as a Resident Advisor on North Campus.
Why Cornell: Because of the sheer volume of resources and number of students at Cornell, anyone can find a club, class, or study space which suits them perfectly! The size of the campus forces me to take a relaxing (invigorating) 15-minute walk across the beautiful campus every day. Cornell, despite the winter weather, is such a warm and welcoming place. I’ve met so many kind people and have discovered so many unique opportunities which I hope to continue to make the most of for the rest of my Cornell career!

Kyle Abrams ’20

Government Hobbies and Interests: Circle of Sisterhood, Kappa Delta Sorority (Soph. Club Chair), College Mentor for Kids

Matthew Chen ’20

Biology and Society Hobbies and Interests: I love listening to and playing music – I play guitar and piano and am involved in a couple music-related clubs on campus. I also greatly enjoy playing and following sports – being from LA, I am a huge fan of all LA sports. I express my love for sports and for Cornell through my involvement in the Big Red Sports Network as a broadcaster and writer at times. Otherwise, I enjoy working out, surfing, research, enjoying nature, and studying away in Olin stacks.
Why Cornell: I chose Cornell initially because I wanted to get myself out of my “west coast bubble” and explore more of the country while I still could. However, I then completely fell in love with the school when I realized how diverse and welcoming everyone at Cornell is. There are people from all over the country and the world all interested in different things, and yet they all shared them same drive to succeed and willingness to help others that I craved when choosing a university. I believe the College of Arts and Sciences best epitomizes this diversity, and I have enjoyed being able to take so many different classes and learn so much! Having a beautiful campus and tons of things to explore around Ithaca is a great bonus, as well.

Meredith Chagares ’19

History Hobbies and Interests: Cornell Daily Sun Guest Blogger, Cornell Women’s Varsity Fencing Team, Analyst for the Emerging Leaders Program, Society of Women in Business, Big Red Leadership Institute Member, Cornell Social Media Ambassador,
Ivy Council Delegate.
Why Cornell:  I want prospective students to know that although Cornell can be challenging, there are a wide-range of resources to help students in any and every way. One of my favorite aspects of Cornell is the amazing and diverse community of students and faculty. My best experience here was orientation because I got to meet some of the most interesting people and hear about experiences and cultures that I had never heard about before.

Michael Unschuld ’19

Mathematics, Economics, Information Science Hobbies and Interests: In addition to being an Arts & Sciences Ambassador, I serve as a manager at the Cornell Annual Fund and as the Director of Fundraising for College Mentors for Kids. I am also involved with the Cornell Hedge Fund, a professional business fraternity and a social fraternity on campus. In my free time I enjoy skiing, playing the cello, golf, and watching reruns of The Office.
Why Cornell: Despite the incredibly high quality of education, the thing which drew me most to Cornell was the caliber of the students. Going to an institution where you are surrounding by bright, driven students creates an incredible environment to learn and be challenged in the best possible way. The diversity as well as the rigor of the coursework has pushed me to think critically and taught me so many new skills, while the diversity of the faculty and student body has helped me to expand my viewpoints and examine life from different perspectives.

Michelle Abramowitz ’21

American Studies; Jewish Studies and History minors Hobbies and Interests: Cornell Hillel Cultural Programming Committee Chair, Cornell Interfaith Council, Jewish Studies Club, Kappa Alpha Pi Pre-Law Fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Phi (Social Sorority).

Mitchell Lee ’19

Biology, Government, Climate Change Hobbies and Interests: I love to ski and do practically anything outdoors like hiking or climbing. So to share what I love, I teach at Cornell Outdoor Education, and to protect what I love, I promote sustainability on campus through the Cornell Environmental Collaborative.
Why Cornell: For me, the best part of Cornell is the people I’ve met. My fellow students and friends have their own passions and dreams that drive them to do their best. We all have different interests which we pursue and share with others. The academic rigor may seem challenging, but with this great atmosphere of support and camaraderie amongst students and faculty, I couldn’t wish for a better place to spend my undergraduate years.

Mollie Cramer ’20

Government, Biology; Public Policy minors Hobbies and Interests: I’m a writer for the news department of the Cornell Daily Sun and am the Vice President of Publicity for the Cornell Best Buddies organization. I also enjoy being apart of Greek life on campus. In my free time, I like to read (my favorite author is Jodi Picoult) and watch TV (my favorite shows are the Newsroom and Friends). I love exploring Ithaca restaurants and hiking trails.
Why Cornell: I think Cornell is such a big, beautiful, wonderful place. Ithaca has such a fun downtown area and beautiful scenery. I chose Cornell because of the diversity of opportunity here. I’ve taken a wide range of classes from many different departments and have found my academic passions. The people at Cornell are the kindest, funniest, most genuine people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. Attending Cornell is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

Natalie Zaba ’20

 Biological Sciences (Neurobiology and Behavior Concentration); International Relations Minor Hobbies and Interests: Outside of class, I enjoy skiing, reading, playing the cello, and going to the Farmer’s Market. On campus, I am an undergraduate research assistant in a Neurobiology and Behavior lab that focuses on understanding the genetic basis of individual recognition. I am also involved in a medical fraternity and was on the Willard Straight Hall Student Union Board of Directors.
Why Cornell: Cornell has been the perfect place for me to explore new interests, ranging anywhere from the brain to Chinese history to International Relations. The school’s dedication to fostering learning for all people in all areas of study has provided a great environment for growth. You also couldn’t ask for a better college town!Something is always going on here, whether it be the annual Apple Festival, Wizarding Weekend, or just a day lounging at the Gorges. I have loved my time at Cornell and, as a junior, wish I could slow down time!

Nick Smith ’20

Economics; Business, Psychology and Leadership minor Hobbies and Interests: In my free time, I play for the Club Lacrosse team and run with the Cornell Running Club, for which I also serve as Public Relations chair (check us out on Instagram!). Around campus, I’m active in my own fraternity, the Interfraternity Council and the Meinig Family Cornell National Scholars leadership training program. I’ve also put my life-long love of the movies into practice by becoming a movie review writer for the Arts & Entertainment section of the Cornell Sun newspaper.

Why Cornell: Coming to Cornell has given me the opportunity to study what I love in a place that’s both profoundly different than where I’m from and at the same time familiar in some comforting ways. I’ve been able to hang on to my key extracurricular interests from high school with my involvement with the aforementioned sports clubs and start new journeys like writing opinion pieces for the newspaper and becoming involved in various sustainability efforts around campus, not to mention receiving instruction from some of the most capable professors on the planet in the classroom (many of whom had a hand in writing the textbooks from which they’re teaching!). Cornell is a place where I’ve made a more diverse group of friends than I ever thought possible and where I’ve seen myself grow in ways I could’ve never imagined.

Nile Jones ’20

Hobbies and Interests: Marching Band/Pep Band, Surgical Society, Society of Physics, Mathematics Club, CAS Pre-Professional Health Association

Nitya Deshmukh ’19

Biology and Society Hobbies and Interests: I enjoy doing research on campus, hanging out with my friends, and being active on campus. I’m the publicity chair of the F-Word, and I also volunteer at Cornell Bridges.
Why Cornell: I really enjoy the collaborative nature of the student body – I’ve never felt like I’ve been alone in my interests or my questions about anything, and there is so much support from everyone on campus to make sure that everyone is learning rather than just achieving.

Rebecca Clark ’20

Asian Studies, Art History; East Asian Studies Minor Hobbies and Interests: As a member of the sport Taekwondo club team here at Cornell, I enjoy spending time both training and simply hanging out with my teammates. I’m also a student tour guide at the Johnson Museum of Art on Campus where I show guests around the museum and help out with various events at the museum.
Why Cornell: I feel as if there is no limit to what I’m able to study and the help I can get from fellow Cornell community members —faculty, staff, and students alike— in my academic pursuits. From researching the methods by which countries and organizations, such as the Japanese Ministry of Culture, seek to preserve important cultural properties, to looking toward the future and my hope to become a lawyer in cultural property law, I feel that there is always someone or some
organization that can provide me with assistance I need as I pursue my goals.

Renée Girard ’20

Government, Law and Society, Public Policy Hobbies and Interests: On campus, I’m a fellow of Pi Lambda Sigma (Cornell’s pre-government fraternity), the Society for Women in Politics, the Cornell International Affairs Society, and Cornell Best Buddies. I am also a passionate skier and enjoy exploring the Cornell Botanic Gardens with my friends!
Why Cornell: Cornell is unique in the way that it is both so large yet interconnected. Students have the ability to tailor their Cornell experience by exploring diverse courses, incomparable resources, and the great variety of student organizations available. Cornell’s size has allowed me to develop a multitude of networks that I will carry with me beyond my college experience.

Sarah Skinner ’21

English, Psychology Hobbies/Interests: I like to do a little bit of a lot of things, but most of my time is spent working for The Cornell Daily Sun, the independent paper that serves our campus. I’ll be an assistant news editor until the end of 2018, and I’ll be back again next year in another role. When I’m not at The Sun, I love attending English readings, talking about space, and (when I’m home) surfing and swimming in the ocean.

Why Cornell: It was different then how I grew up in every aspect, and I was aching for an adventure. I grew up in a little town on a barrier island, so small that it makes Ithaca look like a proper city. I chose Cornell because of the diversity of thought, experience, and goals among its students, and because I wanted to be challenged every day by something new that would help me learn and grow while getting the absolute most I could out of my educational experience. A great financial aid package, a super long winter break, and gorge walks every morning — just cherries on the cake.

Sheyla Finkner ’19

Biology and Society; Business Minor Hobbies and Interests: College Mentors For Kids, Colleges Against Cancer, CURB Peer Mentorship Program, Alpha Chi Sigma, Pa’lante Latin Dance Troupe.
Why Cornell: I quickly learned that there is never a dull moment at Cornell. Since I arrived in Ithaca, I have taken advantage of the wide variety of events and activities around campus. At any given time, there are numerous opportunities available for you to participate in one of your passionate interests or perhaps you want to satisfy the adventurer within and discover something new and exciting. If you choose to explore new subjects and get outside of your comfort zone then Cornell
has a wide variety of classes and extracurricular activities that will meet your needs. Becoming active at Cornell has helped create smaller communities of friends and peers that make this large school feel even more personal. Embracing all that Cornell
has to offer will enrich and shape the undergraduate experience. One of my favorite aspects of this school is the people. From friends to classmates to faculty, the people have such diverse backgrounds and experience that there is always a chance to learn something new. One of my best experiences at Cornell so far has been taking a couple classes completely unrelated to my major. In addition to introducing me to new subjects that I am now passionate about, this class in particular has also inspired me to pursue a new hobby that I really enjoy and would not have known about otherwise.

Shoshana Swell ’20

Performing and Media Arts (Film Concentration), Information Science Hobbies and Interests: You can find me in the front row of a concert photographing a band, at a prison doing artwork with some inmates, swimming back in forth too many times in a pool, eating lots of Purity ice cream, or wearing lots of velvet. Oh so many places to find me.
Why Cornell:  I think of Cornell as an assortment of cheesecakes. So many options, all unique in flavor, and all yummy. My experience at Cornell has been that Oreo topping on a cheesecake. Everything you could ever imagine and more. The opportunities are endless. The laughs are endless. Whether I was in a language class, a film class, or a class about supernatural twins the content has blown my mind.*poof*

Sylvie Kuvin ’20

American Studies major; History and Art History minor Hobbies and Interests: In my free time, I enjoy reading and writing, and I’m involved with Slope Media.  I also love to explore Cornell’s beautiful campus and all that Ithaca has to offer with my friends.
Why Cornell: Cornell has the best of everything in one university. The opportunities for Cornell students are endless and I am constantly discovering new classes to take and interesting lectures or events to attend while on campus. Our campus is beautiful and there are always exciting activities going on in Ithaca as well. The people here are amazing, and I have learned so much from every individual I have met.  I’m so proud to be a part of such an incredible community!

Tait Stevenson ’20

Biological Sciences (Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Concentration) Hobbies and Interests: I love spending time outside and being in nature and with Cornell’s wealth of natural beauty there is ample opportunity to do so on campus! I also go camping or fishing any chance I get. Additionally, I enjoy playing a variety of sports and being physically active any way I can. On campus, I’m involved in a variety of service organizations, Greek life, and research.
Why Cornell: I applied to Cornell on a whim a few days before the January deadline as a senior in high school and knew nearly nothing about the school. When I visited Cornell for the first time during Cornell days in the spring and interacted with students here for the first time, I was swept away with how driven, fun, and interesting they all were. They all had such diverse interests, yet shared a common passion for learning. It was blatantly evident that they loved it here and it is this experience that ultimately swayed my decision to come to school here, across the country, instead of staying close to home in Washington state.

Taliyah Trueheart ’21

Performing and Media Arts, Psychology Hobbies and Interests: Here at Cornell, I have many opportunities outside of the classroom to engage with my various interests. Ithaca has a lot of great restaurants, and I love exploring the food scene with my friends. Being from Philadelphia, I am a huge sports fan and I help as a manager for the men’s basketball team. I am also involved with Thread Magazine and love to write and create my own independent projects!
Why Cornell: I didn’t know Cornell was the right place for me until I visited campus after my acceptance. It was such a welcoming environment, and I realized how well I would be able to thrive here and successfully complete the coursework for my two desired major disciplines of Film and Psychology. Cornell offers an unparalleled academic and social experience that I’m so thankful that I get to experience.

Victoria Watson ’21

 College Scholar Hobbies and Interests: Besides sharing my passion for Arts & Sciences with others,  I am part of a team in the Government Department researching International Security Assistance, as well as a member of the Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity. In my spare time, I love attending events sponsored by the Judith Reppy Institute for Peace and Conflict Studies, running, and listening to BBC Arabic to practice my language skills.

Why Cornell: I chose the College of Arts and Sciences because I wanted flexibility with my education. I have always been intellectually curious about the world, and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take a plethora of courses in other schools without jeopardizing time for my major. I’ve wanted to take classes in an array of disciplines without spending my time in a lot of requirements, which was why Cornell was such a clear choice. Further, the departments I am interested in – Arabic, Government, Anthropology, and History – are particularly strong at Cornell, and I knew I wouldn’t have time in other schools to explore other disciplines while simultaneously taking on a challenging curriculum.

Vishal Sundaram ’21

Chemistry and Chemical Biology Hobbies and Interests: Outside of the classroom, I am the musical director of Tarana, Cornell’s only South Asian a cappella group, and I play the cello for fun in my spare time. As such, I have a great love for all things music (singing it, playing it, listening to it, talking about it, etc). I am also a part of a research lab on campus working to develop synthetic antibiotic alternatives. Some other hobbies of mine include hanging out with friends, playing basketball (with average success), and supporting my hometown professional sports teams (go Cavs/Indians/Browns!). 

Why Cornell: Besides the obvious appeal of its stellar reputation and academic rigor, Cornell offered me an opportunity for academic flexibility in an excellent learning environment. As the name implies, the College of Arts and Sciences lets me satisfy my appetite for the intricacies of chemistry, biology, and mathematics while broadening my present outlook and future prospects with offerings in such areas as foreign languages, music, economics, and government. A beautiful campus and a fantastic community of friends and peers make for a complete package that is both fulfilling and inspiring.

Yunyun Wang ’21

Government, Biological Engineering Hobbies and Interests: I enjoy using my engineering skills to maximize the time I spend in Zeus cafe, and listen to lots of NPR while sipping on iced chai. One of the most meaningful organizations I have been a part of here is Cornell University Bridges, a student-driven project team committed to building sustainable infrastructure in rural communities. In addition, I also serve on the University Hearing and Review Board and enjoy living out my SNL dreams by writing and performing in a sketch comedy group.

Why Cornell: My time here has truly been a formative experience. Not only did I venture out of a comfort zone I didn’t realize I had, but Cornell’s supportive learning community allowed me to combine my wide-ranging academic pursuits and gave me the courage to pursue a rather non-traditional career path. As a third year student, I still find myself learning more about this school everyday, whether it’s a new campus eating spot or a niche club that I’ll probably sign my net-id away to, and these small discoveries keep me charged up for my next find here at Cornell!


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