Swimming with Skittles and Dancing through San Fran!

This week, sophomore Shoshana shows us how she spent her winter break training (and delivering candies) in Arizona as well as dancing in San Francisco!

By Shoshana Swell ’20, Performance & Media Arts and Information Science double major

This winter break, I travelled to Arizona for winter training with my Varsity Swim Team. I created this video to highlight the team’s training, adventures, and candy deliveries during practice. Let’s be real, we all know the feeling of panic when you get hungry in the middle of a workout. You might be craving Oreo cheesecake, chicken nuggets, or a full pie of pizza. When two swimmers on the team craved Skittles, our divers delivered them right to their lane. If that is not teamwork, I don’t know what is.

If you are looking for a sequel to my video abroad, Why Walk When You Can Dancehere it is! Aside from Arizona, I travelled to San Francisco, California to reunite with the friend I studied (and danced) with in Prague. We toured San Fransisco the only way we know how… dancing!


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