London, England: Looking Forward

In the last post of the year, junior Meredith guides us through how she came to decide to study abroad in London next semester. Thank you all for following our blog this year, and happy holidays!

By Meredith Chagares ’19, History major, Business and Law & Society double minor

Next semester, I will be studying abroad in London through the Hansard Scholars Program. This program consists of two classes taken through the London School of Economics and an internship at the Parliament. As a history major interested in politics and international relations, and their influence on the economy, I am extremely excited to begin the program in January!

I chose to study in London primarily because of my great interest in England’s history. In addition, I was attracted by London’s role as a financial and political hub of not only England, but also Europe and the world. My decision to study in London was ultimately confirmed after I spoke with upperclassmen and alumni about their experiences in London and the different programs through which they studied. Hearing their stories helped me to make an educated decision about where I would be able to enrich my education the most effectively.

While abroad, I will be visiting Edinburgh, Scotland and Cardiff, Wales with the Hansard Scholars Program. I also plan on taking research trips to other parts of Europe, such as Berlin, to begin research for my senior honors thesis. After I created a list of places that would be helpful to visit for the thesis, the Cornell Abroad office guided me toward the safest and the most financially effective ways to get around Europe.

Although I am a little nervous to travel and live in Europe on my own, the Cornell Abroad office has made me feel extremely comfortable with my upcoming adventure. They provided me with opportunities to meet and communicate with other Cornell students studying abroad in the United Kingdom. Additionally, the Resident Advisor for Cornell, who lives in London and acts as support for students, visited Cornell and gave a helpful presentation on tips and tricks for studying abroad. I know that I will miss Cornell next semester, but I am extremely grateful that the College of Arts and Sciences has given me the opportunity and support to immerse myself in a different culture and have an adventure of a lifetime!