"Ithaca is Gorges" in October

Hey everyone! The Arts and Sciences Ambassadors will be adding new content to our blog at the beginning of each week throughout the school year. Each month will feature blog posts that center loosely on a theme related to that time of year. As we settle into our semester, we thought a nice theme for October would be “Campus and Community Activities.” For this week’s post, check out what sophomore Dylan Van Duyne has to say about outdoor activities around Cornell and Ithaca!

By: Dylan Van Duyne ’18

Dylan Van Duyne '18 (me!), Kelly Albanir '15 and their team of freshman students during POST (pre-orientation service trips) enjoy Ithaca Falls

Dylan Van Duyne ’18 (me!), Kelly Albanir ’15 and our POST (pre-orientation service trips) team pose against the backdrop of Ithaca Falls.

The arrival of October means that fall is finally here! One of the most beautiful times of the year in Ithaca is definitely the fall, when you can take an enjoyable walk by North Campus (where all the freshmen live) around Beebe Lake or take a stroll downtown through the Ithaca Commons and enjoy the brisk, clean air.

“Ithaca is Gorges”

Any Cornell student or Ithaca resident has certainly seen a t-shirt (or owns one – or several) around campus or town with the phrase: “Ithaca is Gorges.” This phrase, which is horribly overused but totally accurate, really shines in the month of October, as the leaves on the trees start to change color. The gorges on and off campus are a popular destination for students year-round, but they’re extra beautiful at this time of the year.

A friend visiting campus and I stand on a familiar message by Ithaca Falls.

A friend visiting campus and I stand on a familiar message by Ithaca Falls.

Personally, one of my favorites is Ithaca Falls, a gorge accessible behind West Campus. This spot is the perfect place to enjoy a great overlook of the area – I recently took one of my high school friends there when he visited campus, and he loved it! As the days become shorter in Ithaca, I would highly recommend taking a moment to watch the beautiful sunset from one of the many gorges near campus.

Off Campus Spotlight: Taughannock Falls State Park

A couple weekends ago, I traveled about 20 minutes off campus to Taughannock (Tuh-GAN-ick) Falls State Park. The park features a lower trail that is about a one-mile flat hike, which ends with an iconic view of the Falls.

Aubrey Hiebert '18 and I enjoy a trip to Taughannock Falls State Park.

Aubrey Hiebert ’18 and I enjoy a trip to Taughannock Falls State Park.

Besides Taughannock Falls, Buttermilk Falls and Treman State Park are other awesome off-campus areas to visit with family or friends, walk around and enjoy the scenery.

Enjoy the Beauty of Cornell’s Campus

You never have to go far to find a spot that’s “gorges.” Here on Cornell’s campus there are numerous places that highlight the beauty of this time of year. Lying on the slope at night overlooking West Campus is one of my favorite things to do. At night, West Campus looks a lot like Hogwarts from Harry Potter, and the sunset over Cayuga Lake provides a perfect picture opportunity.

The Arts Quad is another popular spot to take a nap or just hang out with friends on a sunny day. With a flannel and hot apple cider in hand, you can lie down on the Quad and listen to the Alma Mater playing from the chimes in McGraw Clock tower. This is my favorite time to live in Ithaca and be a part of the campus community – just walking around Cornell reminds me every day of how lucky I am to live in such a special place.

An October sunset over West Campus

An October sunset over West Campus