Becker House Goes Glam

On Sunday Night, my residence hall, Carl L. Becker House on West Campus, had it’s Hollywood Glamour Formal in the dining hall.


My friends were the planners and organizers. They wanted a formal to happen in Becker–and they made it happen.

I did my part to help out, of course, by having my band “The Benthamites” play. I convinced my band-mates (who  are all of the male persuasion) to play “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” by Cyndi Lauper, even though they were really not happy at all about it. But, naturally, it was the most well-received song of the evening and I got to rub it in their faces a little, which made me happy 🙂

Some people have a skewed view of West Campus, thinking that those who choose the House System, bypassing the Greek community and Collegetown apartments aren’t social. But this minority view is simply just not true.

I think the saddest thing about West Campus is the wasted potential. Even I looked down on West Campus the first few weeks of living there, thinking only of the good location among the frats and the gym close by and the air-conditioned rooms. I feel like a lot of people come in thinking that they are “too good for West” and therefore don’t ever really give it a chance. If more of the people who ended up on West would look beyond the nice facilities and take advantage of what the House System hopes to be and become actively involved in the House Governments, things could be a lot different.

2 thoughts on “Becker House Goes Glam

  1. Nicolas Lowenthal

    do any freshmen live on west campus or is it just upperclassmen? Other colleges mix freshmen with upper-years…does Cornell do this?

  2. Abby Schwartzman

    How about the north campus halls in which we’ll be living in next year? does each hall have its own formal or how does this work?

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